7 money saving tips you can complete in 10 minutes each

7 money saving tips you can complete in 10 minutes each

It can be all to easy to chuck anything money or finance related in the too-hard basket. But the truth is, spending a few minutes sorting out just one aspect of your finances can make a big difference.

If you’ve got 10 minutes to spare, complete one of these money saving tips and you could see instant financial results.

Empty your spare change into a jar
Then pop on the lid. Now every time you’ve got a few bits of shrapnel, chuck ‘em in. This is now your bonus money. Whenever the jar is full, you can either deposit it at the bank or use it to treat yourself.

Set up a high interest savings account
It’s probably been on your to-do list for a while, so pop open your laptop and set this up now. It doesn’t take long and there are heaps of added benefits – for example, some accounts have free overseas transactions (as long as you make regular monthly payments).

Make a grocery list
Check your cupboards and your fridge and then go through the week in your mind day by day to figure out what you need in your next shop. Obviously, this one only works if you shop to the list. Plus, if you only hit the supermarket once a week, you’ll make bonus savings.

Switch energy or insurance providers
New customers almost always get the best deal, so why not be one? Call up a rival electricity, gas or insurance provider, get a quote, and switch to them. Chances are, you’ll pay a lot less.

Set up your bills to come out automatically, or pay them early
Most energy providers give discounts for customers who pay early, or even just on time. You can take advantage of this by either setting up direct debits to come out early, or paying on time each month.

Pack your lunch for tomorrow
Whether you’re heading to work or just out for the day, a container of leftovers or a simple sandwich can save you up to $20 if you find yourself getting hangry when you’re away from home. Ditto for a byo water bottle and/or morning coffee-filled keep cup.

Sign up for spend tracker to track your spend
Most of the time, we engage in ‘mental accounting’ – we think we have a pretty good idea of where our money goes, but actually, the picture we have in our minds usually doesn’t match up with reality.

Sign up for a money-tracking app and you’ll know where you can easily make a few cuts.

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