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Don’t let your partner’s debt problems become your problems

Romantic partnerships come in all shapes and sizes, from marriages to de facto relationships to casual relationships and everything in between. No matter what the relationship, it’s possible to end up in the shallow end if your significant other (SO) is drowning in debt or has poor spending habits. Here are some common ways your partner can burden you with their debt and how you might avoid it. 1. You try to take out a joint loan with your partner,…

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What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is a monetary loan you can get from a credit provider such as a bank, credit union or online lender – usually for a specific life purpose like renovating your home, paying for a holiday or consolidating several smaller loans. Lenders approve personal loans by evaluating your creditworthiness. When you enter into a contract for a personal loan, you typically receive money in a lump sum and agree to repay the lender back the money in regular…

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Debt consolidation loan vs. balance transfer credit card – which one to choose?

When you consolidate your debt, you are essentially taking out one large loan and using that money to pay off two or more smaller debts. The two major ways you can do this is by applying for a balance transfer (BT) credit card or taking out a debt consolidation loan. This guide explores why you’d want to consolidate debt in the first place and then looks at your two options to help you determine which one is right for you.…

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Here’s what a credit report actually looks like

If you’ve ever wondered what your credit report looks like, wonder no more. This guide will give you insight into your credit report, including what information it contains, how to read it, and why it’s so important. There are three main credit reporting bureaus in Australia, and you can access their version of your report in a number of ways, including in a written/physical format or through an online dashboard. Each variation may differ slightly in the way it’s presented,…

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Identity fraud and what can happen

I’m not who you think I am. Sure, you probably don’t think of me at all, which is fine (I won’t judge you for it) but what surprised me is I’m not who I thought I was either. I got an email from an Aussie guy out of the blue asking me if I was investing in a ceramics factory in Thailand. A curious opening gambit, for sure, but having checked my portfolio and discussed matters with my business manager…

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Where can I get my credit report?

Keeping tabs on your credit score could be crucial if you have hopes of funding some of life’s biggest purchases, such as a house or car. But what about your credit report? If you’re not sure of the difference, don’t fret, as we’re about to give you a crash course on credit scores and credit reports, including how you can get your hands on them both (for free). Your report contains all the information that lenders have regarding your past…

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Credit scores 101: How to check your credit score (and more)

You may not have put much thought into your credit rating before, especially if you’ve avoided credit cards, mortgages and other loans in the past. But there will likely come a day when you want financial help from lenders, so here’s our quick guide of everything you need to know about credit scores. Any score over 500 is good, so your rating may not be as bad as you think. What is a credit score? Organisations use credit ratings to…

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What to do if you’re the victim of identity fraud

Everyone knows someone who has been a victim of fraud. It can be a nightmare when a cybercriminal has dipped into your bank account, stolen your credit card details or taken out credit in your name. In the short term your credit score is going to take a dip because you can’t simply delete it. Don’t despair, however. You’re not the first person in this situation and it can be ironed out. There are a number of different types of…

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It’s in the stars: Credit Simple’s financial horoscopes (February)

Aries That pain in your shoulder? It’s just your body’s way of telling you that carrying your savings around as coins so the CIA can’t hack your bank account details isn’t the best idea you’ve ever had. Instead, the stars suggest you consider a cheque or savings account with a major bank plus a low interest credit card with low or no annual card fees. Lucky number: anything under 10%. Taurus Your coffee order says more about you than you…

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It’s in the stars: Credit Simple’s financial horoscopes (January)

Aries New Year, new you, right Aries? Well, sort of. This is New Zealand, so the best thing you could possibly to do support our grass-based economy is to start 2017 with a new ewe. Depending on where you live, Trade Me has them for under $100 and unlike a puppy, when you get bored with it you can just eat it. Taurus If 2016 has gotten you down, Taurus, well you’re not alone. Trump! Brexit! Toblerone increasing the size…

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