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Students looking horrified at screen
Two thirds of uni students are being haunted by the ghost of their student overdrafts, research shows

Interest-free overdrafts while you’re a student might be tempting, but new research we commissioned shows 66 per cent of tertiary students aren’t paying back their interest-free overdrafts before leaving university, and an alarming nine per cent took more than two years to pay their overdraft back now.  Students are going into university knowing they will likely be faced with a large ‘interest-free’ IRD bill at the end of it. However, the research suggests this ‘interest-free’ appeal is making student finance…

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12% of Kiwis are paying interest on ‘free’ loans

When you get an interest-free loan, it’s always interest-free, right? Wait a second. It’s only interest-free if you toe the line with the terms and conditions of the loan. And research we commissioned has found nearly half (48%) of Kiwis have made the most of deferred interest deals to purchase items with what can be a ‘free’ loan, but even the best intentions of paying off the loan in time can catch some consumers out. While most Kiwis paid off…

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State of the nation: National voters outdo Labour supporters when it comes to credit scores

Credit scores may tell us more about Kiwis than just how good we are at paying bills – our research shows they also hint at voting preferences. We overlaid New Zealand electorates with average credit scores and found those in National electorates are more likely to have a higher average credit score (652) than those in Labour electorates (621). The six highest average scoring electorates are all National: Rodney, North Shore, Selwyn, East Coast Bays, Pakuranga and Waimakariri. The three…

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Six ways to save money while on holiday

Living life large while on holiday doesn’t mean blowing your budget. It’s possible to enjoy every minute of your well-deserved break and possibly come home with cash to spare. Here are our tips to travelling well while spending less: 1. Package it up There was a time when the phrase ‘package deal’ made us think of budget airlines, cramped hotel rooms and noisy, sunburnt tourists. Now, thanks to companies like Luxury Escapes, it’s easy to nab a great deal to…

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Man with empty pockets
Debt-free retirement out of reach for many Kiwis

Here at Credit Simple HQ, we’re always talking to Kiwis from all over the country about their credit scores and their finances. So when we noticed a trend – that is, older Kiwis telling us they don’t feel sorted for retirement – we thought we’d dig into the data to see if the numbers would tell us a story. And that data shows that New Zealanders over 55 are buckling under debt pressure, with the age group making up an increasing…

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What’s in a name? Beryl, Joan and Muriel take out the top spots for credit scores ranked by name

What’s in a name? When it comes to your credit score, it could be more than you think. Here at Credit Simple, we’ve got access to a wealth of data around credit information and demographics. So we thought we’d look into first names ranked by credit score. Names such as Beryl, Joan and Muriel might sound old-fashioned, but they’re winning in the health stakes when it comes to credit scores. Enid, Joan and Winifred take out the top three spots…

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Do you know your partners credit score
Do you know your partner’s credit score? Our research shows that 18% of people have money or finances their partner doesn’t know about

Our research shows that 18% of people have money or finances their partner doesn’t know about. I know two couples who are total opposites when it comes to how they manage their joint finances. One couple – first names James and Jenny, surnames omitted to protect the innocent – pools their finances in full and takes a generous approach, with one exception: they each have a ‘fun account’, into which an equal sum of money is fed each month, and the…

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Are you #winning at life?
Are you a married non-smoker with a couple of kids? You’re #winning at life

If you’re a married non-smoker with two or three kids and a tertiary degree, pat yourself on the back  –  you’re probably also a high credit scorer to go with it. We’ve had a look in our data (it was dusty and dark in there, but we survived) and it shows that financially responsible Kiwis are likely to be married, have two or three kids, are university educated, and probably don’t smoke. Our research of more than 2.2 million people…

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