6 personal finance podcasts to change your money mindset

6 personal finance podcasts to change your money mindset

Ready to change your money mindset? These fantastic money podcasts may be just the inspiration you need…

My millenial money
This Aussie podcast is perfect if you want to sort out your financial future but aren’t sure where to start. Join Glen James and John Pidgeon for a laidback discussion on heaps of financial themes particularly relevant to those in their 20s, from HECS debts to ‘rentvesting’.

So Money
In this daily podcast, financial expert Farnoosh Torabi interviews people from all walks of life about their finances and answers questions from listeners. Perfect for if you need a bit of inspo to start the journey towards your financial dreams.

Afford anything
This is a practical podcast for anyone who wants to improve their decision-making around money. Paula Pant interviews financial experts as she blogs her way to financial freedom, covering themes like financial independence, wealth creation, retiring early, and how to afford your big goals.

Planet Money
Focussed mostly on the US economy, NPR’s Planet Money tells stories that explain real-world economics in an entertaining and engaging way. Its genius lies in how it can make seemingly boring topics fascinating, diving deep into the money behind everyday things.

Financial editor of NBC’s ‘Today’ show, the best-selling author of 11 books, Jean Chatzky talks personal finance for women, covering the intersection between money and career, family, relationships and more.

The Tim Ferris Show
More of a business and self-improvement podcast, but with a big money focus, Ferris interviews top entrepreneurs to find out what makes them tick. Each episode, he chats with experts in their field to find the routines, habits and strategies that make them successful.

These are just a handful of our favourite financial podcasts, but there are plenty more podcasts (and blogs) out there that can help you take the first steps to financial freedom.

What are some of your favourites?

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