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Credit Simple in the media

You may have seen us on your TVs or screens recently – and it’s true, we’ve had a few media appearances recently! In case you missed it, why not check out the videos? David on The Cafe Our CEO, David speaks with Holly about Credit…

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7 steps to perfect credit card use

New Zealand’s collective credit card debt was nearing $7.2 billion in June this year. Your contribution to this growing national burden may be miniscule, but it probably doesn’t feel that way when your credit card bill thuds ominously onto the welcome mat. So, how can…

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Are you signing away your privacy? Know your rights

Privacy is important, especially when it comes to your money. There are certain personal financial details Kiwis don’t want falling into the hands of hackers, or for that matter their partners, children, employers and others. Some things are just personal. Most reputable Kiwi organisations do…

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