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Does it pay to be a loyal customer?

You don’t get much in this life unless you ask. That’s definitely the case with your bank, your insurance company and utility companies. There’s a lot of money to be made there. And if we’re lazy, companies can maximise their profits. Don’t let that be you. By playing hard to get, or by ‘rate tarting’ (that’s shopping around for a better rate), you can have your loyalty rewarded. Understand your spending Before you storm into your bank or phone your…

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Top tips to avoid over spending at Christmas

As we approach the silly season and our bank accounts begin to bear the brunt of it, Kiwis should aim to be careful shoppers and only spend what they can afford. We commissioned research which reveals nearly one in three New Zealanders put their Christmas and holiday spending on their credit card and are potentially facing a New Year hangover, saying they won’t pay the full bill before the due date (29%). spokesperson Hazel Phillips said the holiday season was…

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Are you paying too much for your power? Cold Kiwis are hungry to switch suppliers, research shows

On the brink of winter, research* we commissioned last month reveals a huge chunk of Kiwis are prepared to switch electricity providers to get access to a better deal. A whopping 73% told us they’d be keen to switch, while a shocking 53% said they cut back on heating their homes in winter due to the cost. To help Kiwis get the best deal possible on their power, we’ve launched a nationwide crowdsourcing campaign to bargain for lower energy prices. “It…

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Power to the people! Want an alternative to your big electricity provider? We weigh up the pros and cons of the small, non-profit, and innovative power companies

Do you get worried when you receive your monthly power bill? Electricity and gas prices can be eye-wateringly expensive for some people. What’s more, the big companies want, naturally, to make as much profit as they can. There are alternatives.  In fact 48 brands from 32 parent companies are vying to offer their service to you. Some have quite different business models to the big incumbents. Power to the people: not-for-profit providers Did you know, for example, you can sign…

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Sick of paying through the nose for power? Here’s how to switch (and save)

Switching power companies sounds straightforward. And it is. So don’t let me put you off. It’s just not quite as simple to get the best deal from electricity and gas suppliers as it appears in the adverts. Armed with a bit of knowledge, however, I promise you it’s almost impossible not to find a better deal. Unless, that is, you’ve already switched in the past few months. Step 1: Choose your site There is a bunch of switching websites that…

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Five ways to screw up your retirement: a lifelong project

Step One: Spend money you don’t have First of all, you probably want to spend lots of money. More money, in fact, than you’ve got in the bank. Let’s say you’ve got a good job and you’ve found a place to rent in the Auckland market and you’re happy with your lifestyle. Why not crank it up to the next level by moving out of your flat, buying a bigger car on HP and maybe going on that overseas’ holiday.…

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12% of Kiwis are paying interest on ‘free’ loans

When you get an interest-free loan, it’s always interest-free, right? Wait a second. It’s only interest-free if you toe the line with the terms and conditions of the loan. And research we commissioned has found nearly half (48%) of Kiwis have made the most of deferred interest deals to purchase items with what can be a ‘free’ loan, but even the best intentions of paying off the loan in time can catch some consumers out. While most Kiwis paid off…

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Making the most of your OneSmart card (and also, what the hell is a OneSmart card?)

Here at the last bus stop on the planet we love our travelling. But you can’t leave without a good pocketful of money and there’s no avoiding it: you’ll have to change your Kiwi dollars into some other currency. That’s where the irritation starts. They love to clip the ticket, those money changers. And every time they do, you brace yourself. How much are they going to sock me for this? Who’s going to take a big fat cut out…

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Avocado toast
Forget avocados, smash the big stuff first

Avocados have gotten a bad rap lately. The real reason millennials can’t afford to buy their own homes, commentators said, was not sky-high prices or the banks requiring 20 per cent deposits, it was young people’s insatiable hunger for the creamy green goodness of smashed avocado on toast. And even if you don’t like avocado, the finger-pointers would point out (with their fingers) that while our parents got by with a cup of Choysa made from a tea bag that…

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Tinker with your mortgage and you could save enough for a holiday to Fiji. Don’t believe us? Read this

Banks rely on us being lazy. In fact they make millions out of Kiwis who through inertia fail to shop around for a better deal. Customer loyalty doesn’t always pay. Shopping around on your mortgage can really pay off. Imagine telling your friends that you paid for a flash foreign holiday to Fiji just by remortgaging? It happens. Sure, you got the best rate when you first took your mortgage out. But is it still the best rate? Get a…

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