Help! Nothing has changed on my credit file, but my score has changed. Why?

Help! Nothing has changed on my credit file, but my score has changed. Why?

So your credit score has changed, but you can’t see anything immediately obvious on your credit history to indicate why it’s different?

There are a few reasons why your credit score can change, even though it doesn’t look like anything has changed on your credit history. Some of the reasons why your credit score may change are:

  1. Data is only held on your credit file for a certain amount of time, something that is decided by privacy laws. A default from 10 years ago (for example) won’t affect your credit rating today. Information can drop off your credit file as it gets older, which can change your credit score.
  2. How old your credit information is can also have an effect on your score – for example, a recent loan enquiry is more relevant than one you made four years ago.
  3. Credit providers sending monthly payment data to a credit bureau can also affect your score, as changes in the payment status of your account(s) happen. Even if you’ve been paying on time, the length of time you’ve been up to date could have an influence on your score. If you have specific questions about your credit file, you can email [email protected] or call us on 0800 005 088.
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