Have you ever felt too lazy to budget?
(We may have the answer)

Have you ever felt too lazy to budget? (We may have the answer)

It’s a more common feeling than you might think. According to our recent survey, nearly one in 10 people say they don’t budget because they simply feel too lazy to. Beyond that, one-fifth started a budget but gave it up because they felt it was too difficult.

That’s understandable – and it’s okay. But it doesn’t have to be the way things go.

Use technology to help you budget

When you’re on a budget, how do you track your spending? Gone are the days of pen and paper, and gone are the days of spreadsheets. There’s a whole host of customisable technology available to you now that can help set a realistic, fair budget so you get what you really want.

Get the big picture on your budgeting

A lot of the time, people use budgeting tools from an individual financial institution – think your bank’s tracking app, or even your personal tracking of credit card spending. But the reality is, most Australians have multiple accounts or credit cards – not always from the same bank.

You need a budgeting tool that spans the whole spectrum of your spending – and that’s exactly what Money Simple can do.

Know what you buy, properly

Leisure, transport, utilities. Wants and needs. The typical categories in a budgeting tool tend to be limited, not showing you enough information about where your money really went. With Money Simple, you get proper insight.

Whether it’s dining out or personal care, the app can categorise your spending into much better-defined channels – you’ll see exactly when that self-care purchase turns into a binge.

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