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Does solar power save you money on your electricity bill? We crunch the numbers

We all assume that we save money with solar power. But do we? Really? The answer may be as clear as mud. Solar can save you money. But not always as much as you assume and the economics are changing. Even the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority EECA says it doesn’t work for everyone. It costs you money to install Solar power (or water) systems cost you money to install. I looked at one well known company, Solar King, which…

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Sick of paying through the nose for power? Here’s how to switch (and save)

Switching power companies sounds straightforward. And it is.  It’s just not quite as simple to get the best deal from electricity and gas suppliers as it appears in the adverts. Armed with a bit of knowledge, however, I promise you it’s almost impossible not to find a better deal. Unless, that is, you’ve already switched in the past few months. Step 1: Choose your site There is a bunch of comparison websites that claim to get you the best deal…

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