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5 mistakes to avoid when running a business

A common business cliché you’ll often hear is “fail fast and fail often” – the idea being that you’ll learn a lesson and bounce back stronger each time. Whether or not that’s good advice depends on who you’re talking to. However, there are a few avoidable blunders that you’re best not to make regardless. Here are five entirely avoidable small business mistakes you’re best to steer clear of: Failing to build a credit history As your business grows, there’s a…

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Here’s what a credit report actually looks like

If you’ve ever wondered what your credit report looks like, wonder no more. This guide will give you insight into your credit report, including what information it contains, how to read it, and why it’s so important. There are three main credit reporting bureaus in Australia, and you can access their version of your report in a number of ways, including in a written/physical format or through an online dashboard. Each variation may differ slightly in the way it’s presented,…

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Here’s how to grow your business if you want to take it to the next level

So business is booming and you’re not content to just maintain the status quo…. you want to grow your business into something bigger. Well, strap in because you’re in for an exciting ride that will expand your skills, test your mettle and ideally put your business on the trajectory toward bigger success. Here are some tips that any small business, sole trader or freelancer can use to grow their business, regardless of industry. Decide how you want to grow There…

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Your business credit score: what it is and why you should care

By this point, you’re probably aware that you have a personal credit score – you know, that number that tells lenders how good of a borrower you’d be? But did you know your business can have a score of its own?  That’s right. If you’re the director of a company registered with the New Zealand Companies Office (NZCO), lenders can use your company’s business credit score to determine if it is creditworthy. Doesn’t matter if you’re a scrappy startup, small…

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How to find the best home loan for your needs

Of course you want a home loan with low interest rates, minimal fees and an offset account that lets you deduct 100% of the balance from the amount owed. But other than that, the definition of the “best” loan varies based on your personal circumstances. Ready to apply? Check out our offers page for a range of home loan offers to suit your needs. See offers The basics As described in the intro, there are three basic things all hopeful…

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Everything you need to know about online home loan calculators

Online home loan calculators can be among the most valuable tools you’ll find as you seek to maximise your borrowing capacity, nab the best deal and work out the most cost effective way to pay the darn thing off.  What is a home loan calculator? “Home loan calculator” is actually a catch-all term that applies to an entire category of calculators that each has its own function.  For example, one type of calculator will estimate how much you can borrow,…

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Are you part of the 1%? Keep tabs on your credit file so you can get mistakes fixed, fast

Here at Credit Simple, we encourage you to check your credit score and keep tabs on your credit history. It doesn’t happen often, but if there’s a mistake on your file, you need to know about it and get it fixed. We’re happy to report that since we launched in September last year, almost 3,000 Kiwis have queried errors on their credit file. New Zealanders are making the most of free and instant access to their credit scores and credit files,…

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Eight things about your credit history that may surprise you

Borrowing can actually help your credit score, as unintuitive as that might sound. Potential credit providers want to see that you’ve got a history of responsibly paying your bills, so borrowing a small amount and paying in full and on time will help to boost your credit score. Your credit file will also include publicly available information such as court judgements and bankruptcies. So anything out there online or in court databases about you will most likely also appear on…

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Toy unicorns
9.2% of all Kiwis are credit unicorns. Are you one of them?

In the world of credit scores, we like to refer to those with a score of more than 900 as unicorns. They are rare and until now, almost mythical beasts, and only 9.2% of all Kiwis can call themselves a credit unicorn. Everyone has a credit score. It’s a number between zero and 1000 that credit providers and banks use to determine how credit worthy you are. The higher your score, the more likely credit providers are likely to lend…

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The pros and cons of going guarantor

‘Going guarantor’ are two dangerous little words. “Nan, will you go guarantor on my car? You don’t have to pay any money.” Stop right there. Going guarantor can be a great way to help others out. But it’s way more risky than most people think. Read this article before you say yes or no. The worst-case scenario is that the lender comes after you for the money. Parents have lost their homes from going guarantor and families have been torn…

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