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What does the bank of the future look like?

Banking is moving into a new high tech universe. Like many other aspects of our lives the digital revolution is about the change the way we bank. We may even use Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms for our banking with the traditional bank relegated to providing wholesale services. Here is what I think: Banks have got us by the short and curlies. Whichever way we turn there are fees, fees, and more fees. The mainly Aussie-owned banks…

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Forget smart appliances … why smartifying your old ones is the way to go

There’s a lot of buzz around smart homes, smart cars and smart appliances these days. And it can be pretty tempting to look at that big old TV in the corner and wonder if swapping it for a $5000 “smart” model might be a good idea. At Credit Simple, we’re all about living smarter, but ideally without the big price ticket. So what’s a person to do? We reckon buying a “smart appliance” is hardly ever the answer. You’re far…

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Drones flying
Five ways technology can save you money

Robots – artificial intelligence, chatbots, robo-advisors and the rest – are big news in the banking and finance industry. Packaging financial smarts into a programme or algorithm looks like a great way for big banks, insurance companies and airlines to help guide customers through complicated decisions and save (the company) money along the way. It’s early days though, and chatting with a robot can sometimes feel a bit like, well, chatting with a robot. Take this experience I had the…

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