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What home loan features do you actually need?

Here is a list of the most common home loan features lenders offer with their home loans. We explain some of these features in more depth on their own page if you want to learn more about them. You might not need all of these features, so don’t overlook a loan with an attractive interest rate and fee structure for flashy features you might not even need. With that out the way… Here’s your list of home loan features Offset…

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In the habit of ‘whacking it on the mortgage’? Start treating it like any other debt (and get ahead)

Need a new kitchen? Fancy that round the world trip? Just whack it on the mortgage. In 21st century New Zealand we extend the mortgage every time we have a bit of ‘spare equity’ built up. It’s like we’ve inverted the whole concept of borrowing and the aim of paying it off has disappeared out the window. If you don’t pay that mortgage down as you would other debt, you could be forced to work until you drop just to…

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