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What You Need To Know About: Having a side hustle

The internet is chock full of stories about people who’ve set up a side hustle that’s eventually turned into their full-time job. And if you’re stuck in an office, or in a job you don’t totally love, you too might have been considering a side hustle as a path to something better. Here’s what you need to know. You can totally do this Most adults started their working lives juggling two jobs at high school or at university. Having a…

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Most Kiwis are just three weeks from disaster. Here’s the ins and outs of ACC and insurance

Touch wood you’ll still be able to do the limbo at parties in a decade or two. But every year a small but individually significant number of Kiwis find themselves temporarily or permanently disabled. “She’ll be right,” many of us think. “ACC will pick up the tab and pay me out 80% of my salary for the rest of my life.” That’s not always the case. If you are prevented from working, i.e. disabled, through illness, you’ll only have minimal Work…

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