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Here’s what a credit report actually looks like

If you’ve ever wondered what your credit report looks like, wonder no more. This guide will give you insight into your credit report, including what information it contains, how to read it, and why it’s so important. There are three main credit reporting bureaus in Australia, and you can access their version of your report in a number of ways, including in a written/physical format or through an online dashboard. Each variation may differ slightly in the way it’s presented,…

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Bankruptcies have hit a five-year low
Bankruptcies have hit a five-year low (but here’s why it’s smart to stay vigilant)

When it comes to managing our money, and staying out of financial trouble, Kiwis are beating the Aussies hands down, according to new analysis we’ve run, which shows that the number of people declaring bankruptcy has reached a five-year-low, dropping by 15% last year compared to 2016. And if that isn’t enough cause for celebration, we have approximately half the number of bankruptcies, per capita, compared with our friends across the ditch. spokesperson Hazel Phillips said the five-year bankruptcy…

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Man with empty pockets
Debt-free retirement out of reach for many Kiwis

Here at Credit Simple HQ, we’re always talking to Kiwis from all over the country about their credit scores and their finances. So when we noticed a trend – that is, older Kiwis telling us they don’t feel sorted for retirement – we thought we’d dig into the data to see if the numbers would tell us a story. And that data shows that New Zealanders over 55 are buckling under debt pressure, with the age group making up an increasing…

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