Get free budgeting advice, no matter where you are in New Zealand

Feeling snowed under by bills? Don’t know where to start? You can get help with your budget and sorting out your finances, from FinCap. No matter where you are in New Zealand – from Hawera to Whakatane, and from Invercargill to Kaitaia – there’s a budgeting service near you, ready to help.

A budgeting service can help you with your personal budgeting. This means you can get help to put together a plan to get out of debt, start saving, and move forward with your finances. It’s completely free and there’s a variety of ways to access the services. You can talk to someone on the phone, face to face, or check out a wealth (pun intended) of resources online.

FinCap supports more than 200 budgeting services in 250 locations nationwide. They’ve got a great track record, with $51m in debt retired last year thanks to their budgeting help, and more than 45,000 people getting access to their services.

FinCap also runs a freephone line, MoneyTalks (0800 345 123), which is an easy first port of call for anyone needing budgeting support and advice. It’s answered by trained financial mentors who can provide information and guidance.

MoneyTalks can help you by offering free information, support and advice on budgeting issues by phone, text and email; referrals to free budgeting services; and guidance if you’ve got debt or are at risk of debt. Text MoneyTalks on 4029; email [email protected];or talk to someone on live chat at

So join the crowd and get your finances in ship shape today.

Product features & benefits:

  • Free budgeting advice
  • Online, in person, on the phone
  • Helpful resources and courses
  • More than 800 advisers around New Zealand.

Get free budgeting help and advice today