Want to track your spending across multiple bank accounts?

Money Simple has the answers (and the data) for you

Want to track your spending across multiple bank accounts?

There are 26 banks registered in New Zealand, at the Reserve Bank’s last count. While you’re unlikely to have accounts or credit / debit cards with every single one, many of us will have arrangements with at least two or three.

And there is nothing wrong with that! We often find that the most suitable option for a home loan comes from a different source than our preferred credit card, while insurance may be with someone else entirely. That’s all well and good until you need to start setting budgets for long-term goals.

A lot of spending trackers are bank-provided and will track just the spending channels you have with them. When you need to see where your money goes across multiple banks, you need a different solution.

See where your money goes across all channels

From the sharing economy to competitive bank deals, there are many reasons to work with multiple providers – it’s tracking spending across all of them that can be the problem

That’s why the Credit Simple team is happy to introduce Money Simple. This is an app that works in browser, desktop and portable environments to show you what you’re earning and spending, where it’s coming from and going to, as well as what you can do about it.

From index funds to transaction accounts, you can tell Money Simple exactly what you want to track and it will add it to a dashboard. It’s a clear, simple way to see personal spending, by category, across multiple banks or other providers.

Use data to get insight into your spending

Tools like a single-provider budget tool or even the Consumer Price Index are good for certain things, like telling us what we spent on one credit card or how much the price of milk has gone up. But with Money Simple’s cross-provider insight, you get the information you need to make those big budget decisions.

Custom filters let you identify spending trends like personal care, online shopping or fund contributions, no matter where they come from. You’ll see it in dollar value and as a percentage of your total spending, over periods of time that you get to set yourself.

It’s the kind of data that lets you understand what it’s really going to take for that overseas trip, or what you’ve spent on a certain category over the past two years. In short, it’s an essential tool if you want to budget smarter.

Stay secure with your data

We have partnered with Proviso to build Money Simple, which means your information is secure. Their technology has been rigorously tested by independent experts, and is safe for your credentials.

It’s fast, it’s free, it’s secure and it’s yours. If you want to finally get the big picture on where your money goes, it’s time to get Money Simple.

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