Introducing Credit Simple for Business: See your business credit score and information instantly, online and free

When we launched Credit Simple, we did so with the aim of helping Kiwis live their best financial lives. And since launching in September 2016, we’ve added to free credit scores by creating Money Simple, a spend tracker, and Clear Name, a way for people to pay off unpaid defaults at a discount.

Now, we’re launching a new tool for directors. It’s called Credit Simple for Business, and it allows you to see credit score, report information, risk profiling and insights for a business you are a director of.

Credit Simple for Business is instant, easy and free  –  just like Credit Simple itself.

So if you’re a director of a business, head to Credit Simple for Business and follow the process to access your information. It’s important to know that only the directors of a business will be able to access information about that business, subject to a verification process.

If you’re a director of a business, you’ll also be able to contribute and update information for that business through Credit Simple for Business.

Why Credit Simple for Business?

  • The business-focused credit profiles available through Credit Simple for Business will indicate that business’ risk of failure and risk of late payment
  • This enables directors to make informed judgements about their own company

Head to Credit Simple for Business now to try it for yourself, and don’t forget to check your own personal credit score through Credit Simple.

Credit Simple

Credit Simple gives all Kiwis free access to their credit score, as well as their detailed credit report. See how your credit score compares by age, gender and community and gain valuable insights into what it all means.

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