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Lady handing over keys to house
How to get the rental you want even if you have bad credit

Your credit score matters when it comes to renting a home. Landlords can and do carry out credit checks on potential tenants (but remember, they have to get your permission first). If you’ve got a great big black mark on your credit history – or even a little black dot – you’ll probably kiss that rental goodbye. It sounds unfair and could leave you homeless. But landlords aren’t running a charity. A bad credit history rings alarm bells to landlords and…

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Top tips for renters
Top tips for new renters: Eight things to know before you apply

Getting your first rental is a rite of passage into the big wide world. You’ll have lots of fun times nesting in your own space. But there’s a lot to learn to make it a great experience. 1. Be prepared to wear out your shoe leather. You’ll need to sign up with several local rental agencies and keep a hawk eye out on TradeMe and until you find the one – and get accepted. Before signing the tenancy agreement ask…

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