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Are you signing away your privacy? Know your rights

Privacy is important, especially when it comes to your money. There are certain personal financial details Kiwis don’t want falling into the hands of hackers, or for that matter their partners, children, employers and others. Some things are just personal. Most reputable Kiwi organisations do their best to stay within laws such as the Privacy Act, Human Rights Act, and others. However there are a whole heap of ways they can breach your privacy. But first, you need to understand…

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‘Rate my tenant’ – what does your landlord know about you?

Did you know how landlords score you and why you should care? We caught up with Ian Barker, managing director of Tenant Information NZ (TINZ), to answer some frequently asked questions about your information, privacy, and rights, and how tenants can view their file. Tell us about TINZ and how my landlord might use it? TINZ is a tool developed for landlords to help landlords and property manager screen tenants.  The search returns data from 15 different databases and uses verified…

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Eight things about your credit history that may surprise you

Borrowing can actually help your credit score, as unintuitive as that might sound. Potential credit providers want to see that you’ve got a history of responsibly paying your bills, so borrowing a small amount and paying in full and on time will help to boost your credit score. Your credit file will also include publicly available information such as court judgements and bankruptcies. So anything out there online or in court databases about you will most likely also appear on…

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