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In the market for a credit card? Check out our credit card matrix before you decide

What’s the best credit card for you? Chances are it’s not the one (or ones) in your wallet. We Kiwis are terrible at trying to justify our credit card choices. We come up with all sorts of ‘facts’ to confirm our poor decision. If you have an open mind, however, and navigate the complex matrix that is credit card choice, you are the one who will reap the rewards. When it comes to the matrix of credit card choice, the…

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Puppies are for life
Puppies are for life, not for Christmas, and that’s how you should look at all your Christmas spending

Christmas is coming and by now you’ll be inundated with tinsel music, shops full of tat you don’t really want to buy, neighbours telling you to put up more decorations or take down more decorations and of course, The List. We all have a The List. Who we have to buy presents for. If you’re organised, The List will be a spreadsheet with last year’s gifts both to and from said recipients and estimated value of same. There might even…

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The Co-operative Bank MasterCard
Co-op Bank launches new credit card, reckons it’s the best deal you can get

Interested in a better deal on your credit card? The Co-operative Bank is now offering consumers a credit card for the first time, and they reckon it’s the best deal going. The new Co-op Mastercard is being billed as a ‘fair rate credit card’ and it’s backed by an advertising campaign to get Kiwis to think about whether they’re actually getting a good deal on their credit card. The fair rate credit card gives people the same interest rate (12.95%…

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Colourful cards on pale backdrop
What you need to know about balance transfer credit cards

A friend called me the other day in a panic because he suddenly realised he owed more than $2,000 on his credit card and had no way of paying it off in a reasonable fashion. “You work in finance,” he said, “what am I supposed to do now?” First I made him do the calculations to see how much interest he would pay on that $2,000. He’d blown it on dinners, drinks, and a new smartphone he didn’t need, and…

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